Here are three simple tasks you can begin to incorporate into your daily routine as you kick off your New Year’s resolutions. By implementing the following behavioral differences in a way that commits them to your daily routine, you’ll begin to notice slow and steady changes in your day-to-day energy levels and overall well-being. 

Finish eating when you’re 75 percent full.


That will give the food you’ve just eaten time to settle and more adequately tell your brain that you’re actually fuller than your taste buds are telling you. Your body will also be able to digest and absorb the food better.

 Start drinking more water.


drink more water

That’s right — this is the year you’ll finally commit to it. Take your body weight and divide that number in half. That’s how many ounces of water you should consume each day on your path to peak performance.

Give yourself 30.

There’s a new movement in the wellness community that touts the benefits of waking up earlier than you need to, simply to find time to ground your thoughts; be it through meditation, or a warm glass of lemon ginger tea. Carving out this time is a great way to set your intentions for the day and think of anything left undone from the previous night before your day kicks into high gear. Give yourself a little bit of extra time around your routine and you’ll feel less rushed and more prepared for the day.