A Vegan Valentine’s Day

by Emily Phares

Looking for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day? We suggest keeping it classic with dinner and a movie. Here are our some of our favorite rom-coms paired with delicious plant-based recipes.

Pretty in Pink
& Beet Pancakes with Raspberry Butter & Pecans
Andie put together an impressive pink dress, and you can make some delicious pink pancakes to match. We say embrace Andie’s nonconformist attitude and root for Duckie while eating a beet-laden breakfast for dinner.

Joe Versus the Volcano
& Tropical Grain Bowls with Pan-Seared Avocado & Mango Vinaigrette
You can’t have a list of rom-coms without including a Hanks-Ryan movie. And we love this one, which was actually their first film together. There’s Meg Ryan with an accent, some remarkably versatile luggage, and, as the name implies, a volcano. So get your remote and get into the spirit with these tropical grain bowls.

Bridget Jones’ Diary
& Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
If we had a recipe for blue soup, we’d definitely list it here in honor of Bridget’s dubious cooking skills. (Someone send her a Purple Carrot box, stat.) Alas, our soups are mostly normal colors, so instead here’s a delicious pie that we think Bridget would love.

& Smoky Portobello Tacos with Jalapeño Cashew Sauce & Spanish Rice
Claire Danes and Steve Martin—in character, of course—visit a Mexican restaurant on their first date. We won’t even get into Jason Schwartzman here, but trust us, this movie plus these tacos is a recipe for a fantastic evening.

& Healthy Coconut Banana Cookies
“Yes, we have no bananas,” sings Audrey Hepburn, while Humphrey Bogart steers a boat. Make these banana cookies and sing right along with her. You can also watch the remake with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond if you’re in the mood for a double feature.

Something’s Gotta Give
& Vegan “Fish” and Chips with Classic Tartar Sauce and Coleslaw
Diane Keaton’s character lives on the beach, and we imagine her popping into a nearby mom-and-pop restaurant for the occasional fish and chips. Our version has tofu instead of fish, and we like to think Diane would totally go for it.

Working Girl
& Tofu Edamame Dumplings with Broccoli Slaw & Sweet Chile Sauce
There are so many good things about this movie: The cast, the quotes, the sneakers-with-pantyhose look. And Melanie Griffith’s idea to serve dumplings at an office event. She may have gotten stuck doling out the dumplings, but you can keep these all for yourself.

& Nicoise Salad with Roasted Mustard Potatoes and Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette
The music, the gnome, the whimsy, and the Parisian backdrop: Amélie has it all. Grab a baguette, pour yourself a glass of wine, and dine on this hearty, healthy salad while viewing.