Easy Office Exercise Ideas

Finding time to exercise with a crazy hectic schedule can be difficult, which is why these 10-15 minute office exercises pack a major punch. 

Here are 5 easy office exercise tips you can try while you are at work:

Tip #1: Wander around the office!

This may sound strange, but it definitely works to help increase your total steps for the day. Every hour or so, stand up from your desk and take a walk around the office. Maybe pop in to the break room for a cup of tea,  or step outside and walk around the building for some fresh air. Don’t underestimate the power of getting up the stretch your legs and get a few step in while you’re at in. By the end of the day, you may have increased your total steps by close to 1,000 without even trying!

Tip #2: Always take the stairs

This one may sound a little obvious, but more times than not people choose to take the elevator at their corporate office for convenience or to catch up with coworkers on your way up to your floor. Instead, ask your friends to join you by taking the stair. Socialize, boost your total steps for the day and get a little cardio in at the same time. This is truly the simplest way to keep moving at work.

Tip #3: The multi-tasker

Next time you’re stuck waiting for your papers to print in the print room, make the best use of this time by doing some calf raises, or even some squats if no one’s around! Heck, even if other people are around who cares? You’re getting your exercise in while being productive. By the time your papers have printed, you may have burned 100 calories!

Tip #4: The seat squeeze

Want to be really incognito about the fact that you are adding in some exercise into your work day? Guess what; you can tone your booty while sitting at your office desk! Simply squeeze your buttock while sitting at your desk for 5-10 seconds and then release. Repeat this until you really have felt the burn. Another great way to add this in is to do this every time you have a big filing project. Squeeze your glutes while working on the project to distract yourself from the dreaded boring filing task and get your toning exercise in for the day at the same time!

Tip #5: The lunch break warrior

Take advantage of your lunch break. Get moving straight away. Take 15 minutes to exercise and then take the remaining time to sit and relax to eat lunch. Maybe even add in some yoga stretching or meditation. All of these things can be done outside, so you don’t have to worry about getting strange looks from coworkers. However, you may be the trendsetter, and your colleagues may want to join your lunchtime workout as well. Start by taking a few laps around your office building, do some squats outside, or even do some arm circles to get that blood flowing and those muscles burning. Try to move for a full 15 minutes during your lunch break, and preferably before you sit down to eat.

These are just a handful of ways that you can make the most of your workday, so you don’t feel completely chained down to your office desk! Get your body moving, and you may be surprised to see that implementing these few simple steps will make a world of difference in how you feel mentally at work but also how your body feels as well.


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