The world may be round, but some of the most delicious breads are flat. A mainstay in the human diet for approximately 30,000 years, bread’s versatility and portability make it an ideal addition to almost any meal. Here are some of our favorites from all across the globe.

  • Chapati is a thin Indian bread. It’s made with wholemeal flour and is cooked on a griddle. It’s perfect for pairing with Channa Dhal.

  • Lavash’s origin is a bit of a mystery, some say the Middle East, others claim Armenia. But no matter its birthplace, it’s always thin and chewy. Lavash is great topped with vegetables and vegan cheese, hummus, or try it in vegan lasagne.

  • Naan, made from white flour, is found in Indian, Middle Eastern, and many Asian cuisines. It is soft and chewy and is known for its puffy textures. It’s perfect for scooping up curry or stew!

  • Pide comes from Turkey. It’s a wheat bread that is sprinkled with sesame and nigella seeds.

  • Pita has a long and storied history (over 4,000 years long)! Many cultures use it as a utensil, but Americans often pack the flatbread’s interior pocket with tasty ingredients and serve it as a sandwich.

  • Roti canai is a thin flatbread from Malaysia. It’s known for its flakey, layered texture that comes from brushing ghee onto the dough as it’s rolled.  

  • Tortilla is an unleavened Mexican flatbread. They’re made from masa (a.k.a. corn flour) or wheat flour. Cooked on a griddle, they often serve as the wrap for burritos and tacos.

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