Plant-based Cooking Tips with Chef Mimi

Meet Chef Mimi 

There’s something delicious cooking out west, and we’re here to tell you all about it! Meet Almitra (Mimi) Williams, who discovered plant-based cuisine about a decade ago, midway through her career. Inspired by everything from runny eggs to pastrami, Chef Mimi is dishing out all the flavors using only plants.

After having trouble consuming meat protein while pregnant with her daughter, Chef Mimi adopted a vegan diet. This change in diet inspired her to also change the types of dishes she was creating in her career. Chef Mimi made her mark on the Counterpart Vegan menu, which, sadly, recently closed. But she’s cooking up something new in 2021, so keep your ear to the ground for details! And while we may not be able to experience Chef Mimi’s incredible dishes at the moment, her vibrant menus show us that cooking with plants offers limitless opportunities to get creative and eat delicious food.

Dig into this…

If you’re wondering just how versatile plant-based foods can be, take a look at these mouthwatering dishes Chef Mimi created: 

Beet Pappardelle

    • Roasted beet and preserved lemon purée, marinated feta, beet chips, fried garlic gremolata
    • Tip from Mimi: “Beets are my favorite vegetable for cooking vegan food, as they provide a vibrant natural color and can be used to enhance texture and add richness to nutritious sauces for pastas.”

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

    • Lemon brown butter, “bacon,” smoked paprika, fresh herbs
    • Tip from Mimi: “Gnocchi lovers can whip up dinner with just three simple ingredients: sweet potato, gluten-free flour, and spices. I love cinnamon and nutmeg for the winter months.”



    • Assorted heirloom tomatoes, “feta cheese,” fresh herbs, toasted almonds.
    • Tip from Mimi: “Heirloom tomatoes are rich in flavor and have a meaty texture that makes a perfect substitute for traditional beef carpaccio!”

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