What is a Plant-Based Diet?

What Exactly is a Plant-Based Diet? 

Since there is no doubt that adopting a more plant-based way of eating and phasing out the meat products in your diet can have some pretty astounding health benefits, not to mention improving the health of the environment, you will probably want to know what this diet involves. The fundamental principles behind a plant-based diet include eating plants, legumes, healthy grains, and healthy fats and eliminating, or at least reducing, animal products from your diet.

While a plant-based diet may refer to a full-on vegan diet free from any and all animal products, it is also a term used to describe a diet that is primarily focused on plants with the exception of some animal products. For example, a vegetarian diet, and a semi-vegetarian diet where the primary focus is plant-based but some animal products are consumed may also be regarded as a plant-based diet. Whether you decide to jump right into a vegan diet, or you want to eat mostly plant-based with the occasional meat product, centering your diet primarily around plants significantly improves overall health.

How do I Start a Plant-Based Diet?

So now that you know what a plant-based diet it, and why it can benefit you, are you on board to starting this new way of eating? If so, you may want to know how to get started, and it’s actually much easier than it may seem. Here are three easy steps to getting started on your plant-based diet.

1. Don’t Quit Cold Turkey:

If you’re currently a heavy meat eater, you don’t have to go cold turkey. Instead, swap out two meals per week with a plant-based recipe such as participating in Meatless Mondays, and maybe eliminate your burger night for a healthy and delicious plant-based burger. Slow and steady wins the race, and you are more likely to enjoy the process of going plant-based if you do so slowly. 

2. Add a large salad into your day:

It’s easy to avoid meat products when you add in one huge salad into your day. Instead of packing or buying a sandwich for lunch try a super veggie packed salad chocked full of leafy greens, legumes, crunchy vegetables, and a dollop of hummus to keep you full and to nourish your body. Try a salad for lunch each day, and I promise you won’t even miss your traditional turkey sandwich! Pretty soon you will be naturally eliminating meat without even knowing it.

3. Mix Things up for Breakfast:

Let’s face it having the same thing for breakfast each morning gets boring, and many people rely on eggs. Instead of having that egg sandwich for breakfast try a fruit smoothie with a scoop of plant-based protein powder for a protein-rich way to start your day right, 100% plant-based. Just be sure to use a dairy-free milk!

If you are looking for ways to boost your health, and increase your longevity a plant-based diet may be just the answer. With countless studies indicating the health benefits of this way of eating, it’s a no-brainer to add more plants and less meat into your diet. Plant-based eating allows you to do so in a simple and delicious way.  

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