Plant-Based Dinner Plans

Get delicious plant-based recipes and pre-portioned ingredients you want delivered right to your door.

2 Serving plan
2 Serving Plan

Ideal for singles or small families

3 Recipes per week (serving 2 people)

$11.99 per serving
FREE Shipping

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Week of June 23
6 Serving plan
6 Serving Plan

Perfect for families or meal preppers

2 Recipes per week (serving 6 people)

$7.99 per serving
FREE Shipping

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Week of June 23
Simply select any 3 recipes after checkout.
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Complete Flexibility

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Looking for Gluten Free?

Check out the TB12 Performance Meals. These gluten-free, high protein, low-soy plant-based recipes are
designed to help high performing and active individuals stay at their peak. Get 3 meals (2 servings each) every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my meals?
With the 2 Serving Plan, you can always customize the meals you receive. If you’re enrolled in the 6 Serving Plan, we pick the dinner meals, but you can customize your delivery by adding an Extra breakfast or lunch.
Depending on your shipping location, you’ll receive your weekly delivery on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
Skipping a delivery is as simple as clicking “Skip” on any given week when you’re logged in. (#ProTip: Make any changes to your delivery or menu before 11pm EST on Tuesdays for the upcoming week).
Yes! You can add up to 3 Extras to any 2 Serving Plan, or 1 Extra to any 6 Serving Plan by navigating to “My Profile.”