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Get back to busy with Purple Carrot! Save $100 on your first 4 boxes. Limited time only.

Slice, dice,
and cook!

Easy recipes and ingredients
delivered right to
your door.
Make meals you’ll love.

Look what's cooking

Look what's cooking the week of the week of October 8

It’s easy to cook seriously delicious meals. Starts at $11.00 per serving.

All our meals are 100% vegan

Dinners Available in 2 or 4 servings - starting at $11.00 per serving


Breakfasts 4 servings at only $4.50 per serving

Lunches 2 servings at only $9.00 per serving

Plantry Stock your pantry with delicious plant-based food

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Want to order some fresh, prepared
meals, too? You can always create a custom box that includes meal kits, prepared meals, and even grocery items! Customize a Box