Oat Chocolate Bar Bundle

$11.99 (3/1.7 oz)
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Goodio, based in Helsinki, Finland, prizes organic, nutritious ingredients. All of its bars are made with raw cacao, a superfood high in antioxidants. Goodio's NEW Chocolate Oats Bars are bundled together exclusively for Purple Carrot. Try one each of Chocolate Mint, Chai Coffee, and Coconut.
(Chai Coffee): Cacao Nibs*, Cacao Butter*, Ingredients: Coconut Sugar*, Oat bran*, Coffee Bean*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom powder*, Ginger Powder*, Turmeric Powder*. (Coconut): Cacao Nibs*, Cacao Ingredients: Butter*, Oat bran*, Coconut Sugar*, Coconut*. (Chocolate Mint): Cacao Nibs*, Cacao Ingredients: Butter*, Coconut Sugar*, Oat bran*, Mint Extract*. (*Organic).
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Coconut)