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Less Prep

Meal Kits catered to your lifestyle

Perfect for busy weeknights

Less Prep meals are designed to make your life simpler. Each recipe was specially crafted to help you spend less time prepping, cooking, and cleaning.

25 minutes or less

Less Prep recipes take even less time but have all of your favorite flavors.

Pre-made sauces

Life-changing sauces that will ensure your meals taste exactly like restaurant-made

Less cooking steps

Enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients and in fewer steps.

Low Prep, low stress

Meals for dinner that will require less pots and pans, and are easy to clean up.

What’s on next week’s menu

How it works


Signup or Login and pick the Meal Kit Plan. You can customize your preferences to include Less Prep meals.


Save time in the kitchen with our Less Prep meals: fresh pre-cut ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards.

3. Enjoy

Less Prep, less cleanup, and more time dining with friends and family. The choice is yours!