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Breaking It All Down

At Purple Carrot, we're constantly looking for packing solutions that ensure your delivery is A+ while limiting our environmental impact. There’s no perfect system yet, but we’re on the case.

Plastics are numbered to make them easier to sort. Get more information about it from The Society of the Plastics Industry.

The Box

Go right ahead! Break down the box and recycle it.


(A) TemperPack Climacell: 100% curbside recyclable.

(B) TemperPack Fiber Liner: The plastic wrap is plastic #4; check if your community accepts this. The insulation inside is post consumer recycled and can go in the trash.

(C) Bubble Liner: Bubble liners are best for cold-weather shipping. If your community recycles #7, please do it.

Cooling Packs

The contents of the cooling packs should be put in the trash. If your community recycles #4, add the plastic packaging to your recycling bin. Better yet, refreeze the packs and give them a second life in your cooler.


Jars & Jar Tops: Our jars are #6 and caps are #5, if your community recycles these plastics, put them in the bin!

Bottles: These are plastic #1 and can be recycled if your community accepts them.

Plastic Bags: Last, but not least, if your community recycles #4, go for it.

NOTE: Most recycling programs accept some, but not necessarily all, recyclables. We recommend visiting your state or city website to learn more about recycling in your community.

Compost It

Compost plant waste (think banana peels and carrot shavings) to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate pounds of landfill. Compost on your own or hand over scraps to your city composting program. Either way, we believe it's always good to put things back where they came from.

Interested in learning more? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides lots of great information on how and why it’s important to reduce, reuse, and recycle.