5 Health Benefits of Turmeric

5 Health Benefits of Turmeric You Never Knew

Turmeric has been deemed the superfood spice of choice for busting pain and inflammation for centuries now, but there is much more to this magical spice than just it’s amazing anti-inflammatory properties! If you’re a turmeric lover or are looking for more reasons to include this powerful spice into your diet, the health benefits of turmeric take your love of the spice to the next level. 

Here are 5 health benefits of Turmeric you ever knew.

Turmeric has First Aid Properties

Who knew this spice has antiseptic properties to help disinfect cuts and burns? Turmeric also contains natural anti-bacterial agents making it the perfect spice to promote quick healing, not to mention it’s analgesic actions which help to relieve pain. 

Turmeric Helps Fight Cancer

One of the most impressive health benefits of turmeric is its ability to fight off cancer. Turmeric is commonly made into a “golden paste” to not only help fight off cancer in humans but your four-legged friends as well! There are real studies out there proving this cancer protective health benefit. Studies have found anti-cancer compounds in turmeric that may uniquely be able to prevent cancer cells from both invading and spreading! Pretty impressive.

Turmeric Helps Those with Depression

It’s amazing to know that things like turmeric found in nature may be an effective way to help reduce symptoms of depression. Turmeric for depression is nothing new for Chinese medicine practitioners, in fact, this has been a treatment for depression for thousands of years! The reason behind this is thought to be because turmeric contains compounds that are able to stimulate the nervous system while providing positive effects on overall mood, and helping to balance all the consequences that come with stress. Here’s just one more reason to add turmeric into a part of any healthy diet.

Turmeric Boosts the Immune System

Here is a spice that should be added to your cold and flu prevention regimen! Turmeric is a natural way to help bolster the immune system by increasing the immunomodulating capacity of the body. Try adding extra turmeric into your diet during periods of stress or during flu season to help give your immune system a little boost.

Turmeric Improves Memory

As if you thought this spice couldn’t do anymore, turmeric is also known to help boost memory! Studies have shown that the curcumin in the turmeric helps to improve learning as well as concentration in laboratory studies. This leads to the next point; turmeric has also been shown to fight Alzheimer’s disease, pretty amazing, right?

With more and more research coming out every day on the health benefits of this amazing spice, it’s hard to think there is anything that turmeric couldn’t help with! Whether you deal with chronic inflammation or are just looking to boost your health, turmeric is an excellent spice of choice to add into your diet.

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  • Julie

    Turmeric is good. But for this piece, it would be great to have some simple recipes incorporating turmeric also in this blog post. And, how much turmeric is required to reap the health benefits? e.g is a turmeric/almond milk latte enough tumeric to provide anti-inflammatory properties? how much turmeric is required daily to deter promotion of cancer?

    • Ashley

      Hey Julie, these are great article suggestions and we will run with them! Thanks for letting us know what more you’d like to read. We have more Turmeric content coming soon! Thanks again! – The Purple Carrot Team

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